Why Bill DeQuill?

Before I start my comments about Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics, let me explain how I chose my domain name. For several years I have used the name “Bill DeQuill” as a pen name. I chose it because it is both intentionally pretentious and descriptive. Of course it roughly means Bill of the quill (the old writing instrument made of a feather). I know that in Spanish and perhaps other languages the little word “de” means “of” and it is a separate word. I purposely chose to make it part of the name to show that I’m an English speaker who is not well acquainted with Spanish. I also chose this name because it rhymes. Another reason I chose this name is that it is unique. If you do a Google search for this name, the only reference you will find is to my Twitter account. Nobody else has this silly name. Since the name is unique, I was able to use it for my domain name which is now officially registered.

So Bill DeQuill means Bill the Writer.  I intend to use this website/blog to write about many things that interest me.  I hope that what I write will be of interest to you as well.  My first writing project will be comments about the massive, fourteen volume Church Dogmatics by Karl Barth.  In the near future I will begin that project.  So I hope you will return to my site and interact with me as much as you want.

One thought on “Why Bill DeQuill?”

  1. Bill,

    Your activities and writing is a resfreshment in the busy and stressful world we live in. You continue to remind me that the Lord loves us and takes away our stress and pain. You’re continuous posts during your travels and now your site reminds me what a servant you are.


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