Unprofitable, but not idle servants

Here is a brief post I made on Facebook today:

The late Karl Barth is regarded by many as the most important Christian theologian of the Twentieth Century. Certainly he was one of the most prolific. His seven volume Church Dogmatics is more than 8,000 pages long. In April I decided to attempt to read all of Barth’s magnum opus and have read at least ten pages a day since then. I also set up a website where I could share my reflections, insights, and frustrations in reading this challenging work. The website is www.billdequill.com. As far as I can determine, almost nobody has looked it. So, just for today, I want to post a brief but meaning statement from Barth that I encountered in today’s reading: “When we have done all that was required of us, we must add that we are unprofitable servants. But if we infer from this that we might equally well allow ourselves to be idle servants, we are not trusting in the grace of the Word of God.”

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