Barth Bite for Friday November 6, 2015

Here is a remarkable, long sentence I read today which is worth reading and re-reading and careful reflection:
“Predestined man (according to the election of Jesus Christ and the community) is he who, in and with God’s choice, is not met by honor and approval, but by justification by grace alone, by forgiveness; who is not the object of divine election in virtue of a life which is acceptable and welcome to God, but because God covers, transforms and renews his unworthy and rebellious life; whom the sovereign God (in the sovereignty of His omnipotence and loving-kindness, His constancy and patience) encounters, not with a natural Therefore, but with a miraculous Nevertheless; whom He chooses absolutely for the sake of His own will; whom He makes a partner in His covenant quite apart from and even contrary to his own merit or ability.” – Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics, Volume II.2, page 315

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