Barth Bite for Saturday February 6, 2016

Due in part to my laziness and in part to not finding a good Barth bite in the last few days, I have not posted a quote from Church Dogmatics. However today I found an entire paragraph that is worth quoting:
“If by the Word of God we are denied any capacity of our own to recognise our human nature as such, it is the same Word of God which enables us to know it, in a free demonstration of the free grace of God apart from and against our own capacity. In the Word of God the book is opened for us too. We are told that in spite of our sin God is still free in relation to us because He is the gracious God, and because man is still the creature to whom He is gracious. We are told what God knows in spite of our ignorance as He knows His mercy, which is not only the same but is new every morning. Thus in this apparently indirect but really most direct way of all we are given the clearest information concerning God and His nature and ourselves and ours.” Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics, Volume III.2, The Doctrine of Creation, page 40

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